Hero brine


Herobrine "Monster" Persson

Weapon of choice:

None, though has several mysterious powers



First appearance:

Good Grief!

Herobrine is the subject of a Minecraft creepypasta. Herobrine makes cameo appearances as a easter egg in many episodes, such as Episode 5: (Rebels With A Porkchop), and is seen in the trees at 03:32 into the video (the shot showing the skeletons firing from the trees). He is also seen in the background at the start of Episode 4: (Good Grief!) at 00:15 into the video. Herobrine is not shown to have any disposition towards the skeletons, Fart Garfunkel, or Noobly. In episode 19, he reappears, this time with a more majour role, and is shown to have driven antvenom insane. He then looms over fart and snake, at the very end. After snake ironically says "there are no ghosts in minecraft". (According to legend hero brine is notches dead brother.)

He appeared again in episodes 19,20 and 21, this time with a bigger role, stalking Fart Garfunkel and Pooploser69 in a cave. Eventually Herobrine captures the two and their fate remains unknown. In the sereis Herobrine behaves similar to slenderman, appearing all of a sudden then dissapoearing and driving people insane. In episode 21 shows what happened to the fate of Pooploser69 and Fart Garfunkel. Fart was cornered by Herobrine only to be robbed of his bow and arrows while Pooploser luckily found Fart while mining his way out. While on the surface Noobly and Gaylord engage in a battle, Noobly was almost dead until he found a bow and 3 arrows under a tree and defeated Gaylord with them (Gaylord did not die, he only teleported to Milkydad). It was later discovered that the bow Noobly found belonged to Fart and Herobrine gave Noobly the bow and after Pooploser69 and Fart Garfunkel reunite with Noobly and cure the zombified villagers they take the villagers back to their village and Herobrine watches them.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Falconer stated in The Noob Adventures Q&A 2 that he noticed a trend of Herobrine appearing in Minecraft animations as basically the equivalent of a cheap Slenderman ripoff; Herobrine appears, things get scary, death. For the Noob Adventures, he wanted to avoid this, so he intentionally made Herobrine much more mysterious and passive, so his goals seem shrouded and the viewer is left wondering what is true intentions are.

Herobrine in The N00b Adventures

Herobrine in The N00b Adventures

Herobrine in some episodes of The N00b adventures