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Trade Secrets

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The Final Bout

"What the hell is wrong with you?" - Lord Server To Gaylord Steambath

Lord_Server is a player who created the server, who gave operating powers to Gaylord Steambath and disappeared. He made his first major appearance in Episode 28: The Final Bout.


He created the server in which the series takes place, his server became well-known due to the good community that formed in his server, with the city being the core of it. 

When Xx_Dark_PvP_Hacker_xX started to spam the chat, he muted him to stop him from spamming more. 

He seems to know Gaylord and was once with him, talking about something. He then vanished, with everyone having no clue were he was, with probably Gaylord as an exception. It is implied he gave Gaylord operating powers from the day he disappeared, though this is unknown. It is rumored that Gaylord Banned Lord_Server once he gave Gaylord Power.

He has not been seen since.

Due to him giving Gaylord operating powers, Gaylord took over the server, and beginning the long fight against him by the players of the server, including the new ones. 

He first appeared in a flashback in the episode, "Trade Secrets". It is revealed Milky_Dad was present during his talk with Steambath and his disappearance. 

He was again mentioned by Milky_Dad, who was explaining Xx_Dark_Pvp_Hacker_xX's identity, including the part of him muting the hacker. 

He then comes back to the server in episode 28, unbans all the players who died, removes hardcore mode, and bans Gaylord. He then OP's Noobly, Fart, and Snake (Pooploser69). 


The back of Lord Server's head looks very similar to Fart, except he has a brown beard. He appears to wear underwear along with a green cape. 

Personality and SkillsEdit

While not much is known about his personality what can be said is a few things. He seems to be the jovial type, easily fooled as seen by the fact that he gave Gaylord administration powers what seems to be quite easily.


  • He is one of the most powerful characters, if not the most powerful in the series, along with Gaylord and Xx_Dark_PvP_Hacker_xX.