Under a Creeping Moon
Fart almost die
N00bly trying to save Fart, after he was shot by a Skeleton.



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N00bly, Snake (POOLOSER_69), Fart_Garfunkel

Minecraft - The N00b Adventures - Episode 2, "Under a Creeping moon."

In the 2nd episode of The N00b Adventures, The Trio find themselves stranded in the wilderness, with nothing but a badly built, non-roofed house, and barely any weapons. It doesn't seem so bad at first, as Fart checks in all directions for any mobs. The coast is clear. N00bly, not yet getting the point of the game, questions why they haven't been building, or creating. Snake agrees, and proceeds to tell him what a Creepist, or rather, A Creeper is, when Fart comes up behind them, and scares them with a hissing sound.

Suddenly, beforehand, when the coast was clear of any and all mobs, A Skeleton attacks, shooting Fart.

As he collapses to the ground, N00bly rushes over to help him, leaving Snake to hold off the onslaught of mobs. During this, N00bly is back with Fart. After removing the arrow from Fart's wound, Fart suggests to forget it, and allow him to respawn. Before he does so, he hands all of his items over to N00bly, to make sure they don't despawn. Admist his various items, there was a Golden Apple.

N00bly immediately offered it to Fart, saving his life. Jumping back into battle, Fart puts on his shades, with a pun to follow.

"It's time we take this fight..up a notch."

Jumping over to the wall, he borrows the bow from Snake, and commences to attack the Skeletons with amazing speed and accuracy.

As so, N00bly holds off the Zombies with Fart's Stone Shovel, and Snake holds off the Spiders with his bare fists. As soon as Snake takes out the Spiders, he spots a Creeper. Warning the others, he glances over at Fart, telling him to not let it get to the wall. Fart, of course, cannot hold it off, as connection problems (AKA lag) get the best of him. Walking up to the wall, the Creeper blows up, creating a massive hole in the wall, allowing the mobs to come in as they please. Just when it looks like it's the end, N00bly calls out to them, saying he found a cave entrance. With no time to spare, they jump into the cave, and N00bly blocks off the entrance. Now in the cave, Fart praises N00bly for his quick thinking, and for saving his life; as Snake agrees. N00bly thanks them, and questions what they are to do, now. With the torch-light illuminating the cave, it reveals a cave system. The episode ends, with a pun from Fart.

"Looks like this game...just got a whole lot creepier.."