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Some zombies in part 20.

Zombies are hostile mobs that appear numerous times in the series, often shown being slain by someone. They are the most common hostile mobs, and have shown to be foot soldiers or a kind of henchmen to many mob groups. They are shown commonly with Skeletons.


When Lord Server first created the server the series takes place, the zombie species were born.

When N00bly first met Snake and Fart Garfunkel, Snake mentioned the two barely surviving against some mobs, most likely including zombies.

When N00bly and Fart were looking for diamonds in a cave, with YoDa_MoRpHeUs also aiding the two, they fought some zombies in the cave.

Zombies were part of the mob army during the Battle of The Plains, acting as foot soldiers along with the spiders, excluding the one from the jockey.

Uglyna talked about killing zombies for emeralds when in her second appearance.

Milky_Dad was being chased in a snowy biome by a mixed mob group, including a zombie holding a stone pickaxe.

Gaylord, coming to kill the trio near Disco Mountain, killed some zombies, as they were in his way.

No zombie baby has appeared in the series, excluding the zombie baby villager.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

They have the regular zombie appearance, somewhat same with the villager and baby villager versions.

Due to being less sentinent, they generally don't have much a personality, except desiring, looking, and killing  any player or NPC they find.


Zombies are the weakest hostile mob. They are strong, however, in large numbers, making them ideal as foot soldiers in large mob groups or in hordes.

Zombies have the ability to wear armor or hold stuff, which can increase their attack or defense power, excluding the baby ones.

Baby zombies, regular or villager, cannot wear armor or hold stuff, but have greater agility than the average-size zombie.

Zombies have the ability to turn villagers into zombie villagers.

All zombies drop whatever their game counterparts drop when slain.

Zombies in the series have shown some intelligence and sentinence, but have the lowest out of all the hostile mobs.


  • The mixed mob group, including the stone pickaxe-holding zombie, are a reference to another show made by this show's creators, " Mob Squad ".